Transistor Studios

Description: We are Designers, Directors, Animators, Art Directors, Illustrators and Producers working together in our Brooklyn studio to tell stories in the most visual mediums available. It's very simple really - we like to create things that make people take notice.We love the Design Process. We love the 'making'. It's why we proudly show our pitch work and in-house experiments next to projects that have been recognized at Cannes, by the AIGA or by the BDA.Our work is inherently diverse, but it is unified by our unique design perspective. The way we see, and more importantly, the way we want things to be seen.Our work ranges from live action, 2D and 3D, typography and stop motion.

Majors: BFA Animation, BFA Cartooning, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects, BFA Design, BFA Illustration, MFA Computer Art, MFA Design, MFA Interaction Design

Positions: -Always looking for new and fresh talent to add to the freelancer roster-Accepting candidates for future Summer and Fall internships-Potential staff positions if we meet the perfect candidate