TAG Creative


Description: TAG Creative is a New York based agency with the drive for smart, strategic branding, and a passion for expressive and evocative content.At every level we challenge ourselves to uniquely connect with our clients, to understand and elevate their brands, to engage meaningfully with consumers at all touch-points.

Majors: BFA Advertising, BFA Animation, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects, BFA Film and Video, MPS Branding, MFA Design, MPS Digital Photography, MPS Directing, MPS Fashion Photography, MFA Photography, Video and Related Media

Positions: Always looking to hire and collaborate with new talent. We're a creative agency whose clients are mostly in the beauty and haircare industries. We ideate, come up with big ideas, shoot tvc campaigns and also edit and create all of our 2D gfx on site. We're looking to collaborate with art directors, motion graphics artists and new directors and editors!