Dusty Studio


Description: Dusty Studio is a boutique animation production house located in New York City. We specialize in traditional 2D animation working with pastels on a slate chalkboard. Our current in-house project, Animation Hotline, is a series of micro-animations that use crowd sourced voicemail messages for content. The Animation Hotline has screened in festivals such as Cannes and Sundance and been featured in The New York Times and Vice.

Majors: BFA Animation, BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects, BFA Design, BFA Film and Video, BFA Illustration, MFA Computer Art, MFA Design, MFA Fine Arts, MFA Illustration as Visual Essay, MFA Interaction Design, MFA Social Documentary Film, MFA Visual Narrative

Positions: Application Deadline: April 21, 2018About the internship:Dusty Studio is a "boutique" animation studio which means you will not be stuffed in some back closet scanning someone else's drawings. You will be working directly with the animators and staff to create new Animation Hotline micro-shorts. The internship is broken up into two parts, the first 8 weeks you will be learning the studio operations. The second half of the internship you will be working directly on the Animation Hotline, which means you will be helping with concept, storyboarding, various traditional and experimental animation techniques as well as computer animation and motion graphics, editing, rendering, posting online and helping promote finished animations. Compensation:This is an UNPAID internship.You will be provided with a transportation stipend. Breakfast and Lunches will be provided by the studio. Requirements:Preferably enrolled in or recently graduated from a degree program majoring in animation or a related field. For the Animation or Motion Graphics internship you should have animation experience. Dates (flexible):Begin: May 21, 2018End: August 17, 2018College credit is encouraged. Apply for internship at:https://dustystudio.com/internship/Apply for freelance positions at:https://dustystudio.com/freelance/